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Main Information

Are you new here? Wander of Shinobi v8.0 : Unchained Edition will be opened soon if you are coming back to Wander of Shinobi after a while, it is time to read what is going to be changed during this version. Here is the list of most important things that will be renewed/fixed or completely changed!

No more Premium

Every Player has now unlimited access to Premium Account Areas. No more limits and no more chains!

New Character

New character Hatake Kakashi - copying ninja will be available after obtaining 350 Level on ONE of your characters!

New Transforms

Every character is going to received new cool transform available on level 400!

New Event System

No more boredom on the server, now all events start automatically! It is up to you to turn them on!

Balanced Reputation

Joining the Village has never been so easy! You can now choose one of 9 Villages to join!

New Areas

New Wander of Shinobi brings lots of new areas for every level even high level ones! You need to see them all!

New Website

Wander of Shinobi Official Website received an upgrade to match its new look!

New Premium Shop offer!

We dont want to hold you back! This edition Premium Shop offer expands!

All Characters Balanced!

We have managed to Balance ALL of 16 old characters! Fixed their ratios, damage and jutsus!

NEW Game Client!

Wander of Shinobi comes back with a great pack of new graphics and music!

Visual Upgrade!

Wander of Shinobi received overall graphics update. We have managed to change environment as well as few playable characters!

Bugs Fixed

We have managed to fix the bugs that you have posted on the forum since last edition!

Amazing Views!

Unchained Version : Screenshots

It is going to be even more exciting! Not only some of the previous spots has been improved but we managed to add lots of new ones on the map. It is not over yet! Wander of Shinobi has received visual upgrade on most of environmental graphics!

The most stable Naruto OTS with almost 7 year of experience!
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Official Video

v8.0 Teaser

Watch official Teaser of upcoming version of Wander of Shinobi 8.0 : Unchained!

Wander of Shinobi v8.0 Unchained is really the most revealing edition yet! We are extremely excited that we will be able to present it to you so soon, ALSO!

We have managed to create a special little Promo Teaser for upcoming version. The FULL Promo will be released soon on our YouTube Page so dont forget to subscribe to our channel!



Time to join a War!

This version is not only about characters, you will be able to feel the War in the air since our Reputation System is now on! Join your favourite Village now at Level 50 by simply visiting a Village Kage!


More enemies to fight against!

New Bosses and Mobs

In Wander of Shinobi 8.0 there will be plenty more new enemies you will have to face! We have created 8 Unique Bosses. What is more there will be over 40 New Mobs and more than 20 New Mini Bosses. This edition brings also another completely new Group Mission Mobs System



Suiton User/ Former Bijuu



Iwa Gakure chunin



Douton User/ Highly sustainable



All Elements User



Suiton User/ Akatsuki Member



Rare Shouton User

New Mobs

We created more than 40 New Mobs as well as items that you will be able to loot from them during this version!

New Mini Bosses!

There will be more than 20 New mini Bosses such as : Boss Monk, Boss Ankoku Monk, Boss Huge Bandit, Boss Prisoner and more!

Group Mission Mobs

This is going to be completely new thing in Wander of Shinobi, Group Mission mobs will be using unique battle techniques.

We have also changed your account settings and added more flexibility, no more CHAINS!

Account Changes