Recent Technical Breaks

18 Feb 2018
Hello Everyone! Recently Server uptime has been a bit lowered due to the test that we are conducting, we are sorry for the inconvenience, we would also like to inform you that :

We are not preparing for the server reset, so there will be NO Server Reset soon

We would like to add rest of the things that we have spoken about during this edition and also perform number of tests while we will be applying them. If there will be any plan of Server Reset we will inform you in advance and so, since there have been loots of questions about it :
You can purchase Premium Points with no worries that your account will be cleared out!



Wander of Shinobi : Awakening

14 Feb 2018
Hello Everyone! It has been a while since the last information has been posted on what is going on on the server, but no more keeping you in a dark! Wander of Shinobi : The Awakening means that we are re-activating this edition and so all the changes that were to be added to the game will be applied one patch at a time. Please stay tuned and check our website for more information since there will me many things happening from now on. We are activating Raspberry Chase Daily Events, to bring a little more life on the server.

Raspberry Chase Event is now ON! (Go to Events to read more)

And so for all of the players that are now playing the game we want to create and exclusive SALE on one of the most popular items in Cash Shop.

Starting Today till the weekend (17.02) Unknown Box will be on unique SALE for lowered price ( -25% )!

600 no more, now ONLY : 450
Chance for unique Items

We are also aware that since there no such crowd on the server it is really tough to get Protection Seal for a good price, and now till the weekend you can get it -55% OFF!

225 no more, now ONLY : 105
Upgrade your items safely using Upgrade seal!

Be a little more patient, as we are preparing some good news about upcoming changes!



Winter Update : Site & Transforms

3 Dec 2017
The Winter is Coming
And so here in Wander of Shinobi we are prepering as well, the site has changed it look for those winter days!

Not only the site look has been changed we have managed to update transforms for level 400, that will be soon added to the game, you are able to see those changes in the :
Account Management > Create Character

Please look into those changes as soon you will be able to have that last transform applied to your character!

Stay Warm!
Wander of Shinobi Team



Upcoming changes (Patch 8.11)

30 Nov 2017
We will soon present another Big Patch to the game, which will apply changes like :
-Transforms for levels 400 (for every character)
We are aware that there have not been mentioned all of them on the site, ex. Sai but it will also be updated
-Music Client Update
We will enhance overall music that is present now in Wander of Shinobi but also add some cool new tracks for those players who enjoy playing custom client
-New Mobs
There will be also presented new mobs with completely new items as their loot
-New Quests
We are aware that the game has not that many challenging quest, but we will try to change that

-New Bosses
There will be also new Bosses - Utakata & Suzumebachi added to the game
-General Bug Fixing

There are also another features that might be added this patch but we are not sure yet and those are :
-New Sagas Yeah we are aiming for more that 100 Sagas
-New Maps for 400 Level
-New Daily Mission Quest for Higher Levels
-All Reputation NPCs updated & added to the game


Wander of Shinobi Regular Events
Regularly opened Events for Players you can see upcoming event in the table below
Raspberry Chase Event
In progress
Wander of Shinobi World is full of different kind of berries, but this time you will have to look for Raspberries. Collect, eat them, follow the marks, find a treasure and then dig for it and receive Event Points!


STEP 1 :
In order to take part in the event you will have to buy special item : Hoe (Event) (Costs 10 Yens - dont worry) You will be able to buy it in the Event Tower. (You can find Event Tower in every Main Village
Find your local Event Tower or visit Konoha-Gakure to buy it, here is the map showing where you can find Event Tower in Konoha-Gakure
Go to the Forest and search for berries, you need to get as much as you can because it will help you find the Treasure faster!
Now when you got raspberries in your backpack, eat them and follow the effect that will be shown in the game window, there are three types of effects
  • Futon Effect - tells you that the Treasure is hidden below your current level, you can see it here :
  • hr
  • Ninpou Effect - tells you that the Treasure is hidden on the same level as your current level, you can see it here :
  • hr
  • Suiton Effect - tells you that the Treasure is hidden above your current level, you can see it here :
  • hr

    STEP 4:
    If there is no more effects shown you will have to dig (using your hoe) to find a treasure! Right Click on the Hoe and then on the ground like in the image shown below :

    STEP 5:
    As soon as you dig up the treasure you will receive Bonus Event Points you can exchange them for Premium Boxes in one of your local Event Towers

    HAPPY Raspberry Chasing!
    Look for Magical Birch Seeds around the map, transport them to Farm, plant then, wait for a tree to grow and receive Event Points!

    Coming soon

    Wander of Shinobi Special Events
    Every now and then during holidays we host special celebration events in the game!
    Halloween in Wander of Shinobi! Read More

    Advertisement Contest
    Advertise the Wander of Shinobi & Receive rewards! Read More
    [16.11] Patch 8.10
    Iwa-Gakure teritories have been changed completely Read More
    [07.10] Patch 8.09
    New Character : Hatake Kakashi & bug fixes Read More
    [04.10] Technical Break
    From [3 PM - 5 PM (GMT+1)]
    [03.10] Big Patch 8.08
    Character Balance, New Daily Quest, Reputation System ON! & More Read More
    [27.09] Patch 8.07
    Anti-bot System improvements, bug Fixes Read More
    [26.09] Patch 8.06
    Anty-bot System applied, Site Changes, Bug Fixes Read More
    [23.09] Patch 8.05
    Changes to Character Balance, Map Updates, Mobs Update & Bug Fixes Read More
    [21.09] Patch 8.04
    Changes to Character Balance & Bug Fixes Read More
    [20.09] Patch 8.03
    First Changes to Character Balance Read More
    [18.09] Patch 8.02
    Map Updates, Applied fixes to Event System, Bug Fixes Read More