Halloween is over! New Patch 8.10

16 Nov 2017
Haha it took us a while but finally Halloween is over in Wander of Shinobi, and so the chance for receiving Halloween Pet Box! Dont worry though, we have applied changes to the game, and so whole Iwa-Gakure Map has been changed! But wait lets take a moment to see what has changed.

Iwa-Gakure teritory has been changed

We have managed to change map around Iwa-Gakure since the old one is not really speaking much about the Country of Rock. It is supposed to be more about earth, dirt and stones, and since now there has not been really much about it. There has been created a special system of caves to lead to to Iwa-Gakure, and you can find Fluorescent Mushrooms in the caves as well!
-Honey Country has been erased from the map
-Respawns of Buujins has been merged to create one big one
-Respawn of Iwakashii has been erased, and we have added another Tower
-Added more stalagmite passages on the map
-Respawn of Samurais has been erased from the map and we added huge Respawn of Vampires/Juuhi Members instead.
-Added new passage to Oto-Gakure

Soon we will present another patch with entrance to Steel Country, with all new mobs for levels 300+



Halloween is Here!

30 Oct 2017
Halloween is here as well as some unique events! Ok starting today there will be bunch of different raids in :

During those raids, you will be able to receive Halloween Tokens, then click on them to activate bonus Event Points!

In upcoming few days, there will be added daily Horror Daily Quest where you will be able to obtain items only available on Halloween! Don't miss that!

It is not over yet!
Visit Cash Shop where Unknown Box has been replaced with Halloween Box, with chance of receiving Halloween Pet Box!
Also Look Changer is now on -60% Sale!
We have also taken out The most unique Items from Look Changer Box and they are on sale as well!

It is not over Yet Upcoming days also will bring Mob Balance, and new Mobs with Bosses such as Utakata and Suzumebachi!
We have also completely changed Iwa- Gakure teritories and added Lands for levels 400+ !
... and yeah , Transforms for level 400 will be available too!



Upcoming changes!

14 Oct 2017
During upcoming days we will add another big Patch to the game, as we are now transforming from few patches every day to one big one every week, please be a little more patient.

We will try to fix all the occurring errors and bugs posted on the forum so far.


We will add a huge chunk of map for High Level Players as well as Transforms for 400 Level to the game and our Music Client, with additional tracks.
Stay tuned for more information!



Patch 8.09, New Character : Hatake Kakashi

7 Oct 2017
Hello ! Today we want to present a small Patch to the game, we have added new Character Hatake Kakashi to the game and you can create him if you have 350 Level or higher on one of your characters.

Also we have fixed bugs with Sasori Saga where there could be more than 1 hour of waiting time to respawn

We have fixed bug with Katon Ryuuka No Jutsu
... and also we have managed to fix bug with Kakashi Saga where there resping was Kakashi NPC instead of mob.

Please also visit our Events section to find out more about upcoming Event for this Weekend!

In a few days we will present bigger Patch, but due to the weather we are fighting with common cold
Stay Warm!


Wander of Shinobi Regular Events
Regularly opened Events for Players you can see upcoming event in the table below
hr hr
Wander of Shinobi World is full of different kind of berries, but this time you will have to look for Raspberries. Collect, eat them, follow the marks, find a treasure and then dig for it and receive Event Points!


STEP 1 :
In order to take part in the event you will have to buy special item : Hoe (Event) (Costs 10 Yens - dont worry) You will be able to buy it in the Event Tower. (You can find Event Tower in every Main Village
Find your local Event Tower or visit Konoha-Gakure to buy it, here is the map showing where you can find Event Tower in Konoha-Gakure
Go to the Forest and search for berries, you need to get as much as you can because it will help you find the Treasure faster!
Now when you got raspberries in your backpack, eat them and follow the effect that will be shown in the game window, there are three types of effects
  • Futon Effect - tells you that the Treasure is hidden below your current level, you can see it here :
  • hr
  • Ninpou Effect - tells you that the Treasure is hidden on the same level as your current level, you can see it here :
  • hr
  • Suiton Effect - tells you that the Treasure is hidden above your current level, you can see it here :
  • hr

    STEP 4:
    If there is no more effects shown you will have to dig (using your hoe) to find a treasure! Right Click on the Hoe and then on the ground like in the image shown below :

    STEP 5:
    As soon as you dig up the treasure you will receive Bonus Event Points you can exchange them for Premium Boxes in one of your local Event Towers

    HAPPY Raspberry Chasing!
    Look for Magical Birch Seeds around the map, transport them to Farm, plant then, wait for a tree to grow and receive Event Points!

    Coming soon

    Wander of Shinobi Special Events
    Every now and then during holidays we host special celebration events in the game!
    Halloween in Wander of Shinobi! Read More

    Advertisement Contest
    Advertise the Wander of Shinobi & Receive rewards! Read More
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